Home Groups

Home groups have long been an important part of our Church’s vision and we currently have four meeting at different times during the week. Although numbers are modest, a number of new people have joined over the last year and we would encourage you to do so. Each group has a different feel and character and if one group is not right for you, one of the others probably will be. Most groups have been meeting for a number of years.

Irene’s Group meets on a MONDAY afternoon.
Over the years they have been royally treated by the hospitality of members of the group; a refreshing cup of tea after a demanding study is a real treat. Recently studies have focussed on the Old Testament: 1 & 2 Samuel, and 1 & 2 Kings. The stories of the kings of Israel, kings who started their careers as God’s chosen ones with all the fine earthly attributes of good looks and courage, proved to be amusing and interesting and occasionally sordid. Not for nothing was the study on Samuel called, “Of Kings, Queens and Common Folk – and Feet of Clay”. However, the course was never about historical knowledge but about the relevance of the Old Testament in our lives. These studies led us to the true King and why we need Jesus rather than earthly idols. Individual weeks focussed on a range of related themes, such as ‘can we pray to God when we are bitter or angry?’ or on ‘justice and forgiveness’ for example.

The TUESDAY evening Home Group, which is the original one set up nearly 11 years ago, meets in the Church and is led by our Asst. Curate  Revd. Rosemary Potten.
It follows the mid-week evening Mass, a quiet reflective service which starts at 19.30 and lasts around forty-five minutes (you do not need to attend the Home Group to come to the Mass). Tea/Coffee and biscuits are served after the service.

The Home Group meeting begins at 20.30. Studies recently have focused  on Genesis 1-11 and a Lent Study called ‘Transformed by the presence of Jesus’, at the moment they are doing a study on the book by Philip Yancey ‘The Bible Jesus Read’ (a new look at the Old Testament). They also enjoy evenings of fellowship or maybe, just being able to give support to members who have been going through times of difficulty. If you are interested in joining this Home Group please contact Rosemary

Trevor’s group, our newest, meets on a THURSDAY evening.
They have looked at a number of courses over the last year: a couple from the York Courses, ‘Rich inheritance’ and ‘Handing on the Torch’, and Cover-to-Cover courses on Jesus’ last words on the cross and the Prodigal Son. There was also their home grown course on prayer where they learnt greatly from each other’s insights.

Graham’s Group gets together on FRIDAY evening.
They normally do each York course as it becomes available. Other courses they have been studying include one on the letter to the Hebrews. The group have also been known to enjoy occasional social excursions; for example going to see a Gilbert and Sullivan opera together.

All home-groups include many elements – a chance to learn together and from each other; a chance to pray together; a chance to support each other through difficulties, ill health or anxieties, and also a chance to have fun. We are anxious to start-up more groups. If you are not yet in one, you can see the fun, enjoyment and benefit so many other members of the church are getting out of them. Do try one out.

For more information, contact the Parish Office or speak to Revd. Rosemary Potten who will be happy to explain more about them.