Children at Holy Trinity

Our Vision for Children                             226579_10151554986146913_1834116143_n[1]

Our vision is for every child to know they are valued as special and important in the eyes of God and to be encouraged to have a relationship with Him through Jesus. We will do this through Bible study, games, activities, prayer and worship. We aim to nurture each individual’s needs and gifts and engage with children’s God-given natural spirituality, learning from them as well as with them.

Children’s Events for later this year

All dates are subject to change at short notice


24th December – 3pm – Christingle Service
Christingle means Christ-Light and derives from the Moravian custom of distributing lighted candles to children on Christmas Eve. The theme of worship is Jesus, the Light of the World.  During the service children will receive a lighted Christingle – an orange representing the world, a red ribbon representing the blood of Jesus, sweets representing the fruits of the earth and the seasons, and a candle representing Jesus as the light of the world. Local children and their families will be taking part in this special Christingle service. Money raised at this service will aid the work of the Children’s Society, a national children’s charity dedicated to helping children at risk on the streets; children in trouble with the law; young refugees; children with disabilities. If you would like to join in this magical candle-lit church service please come along, all are welcome!