Toddlers and Tiddlers


ToddlersTiddlers1 An exciting parent and toddler group for pre-school children from all over the Ilford North area including Barkingside and Clayhall on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm till 3pm (term time) in Parish Hall (up the drive on the right of the church).
ToddlersTiddlers2 It is a great fun time for the toddlers to play and have fun together and for the mums/dads/grannies/nannies to get out of the house and have a chat.
ToddlersTiddlers3 There’s lots of space for the children to run around with climbing frames, bikes, trikes and other very active toys.
ToddlersTiddlers4 There’s a baby area.Every session includes a short break in the middle for a (Christian) story and a sing song.
ToddlersTiddlers5 We have lots of one off activities during the year- biscuit making, teddy bears picnic, photo shoots, a Christmas party and disco (shhh – plus Father Christmas!), a Teddy Bears’ Picnic and lots more.

For more information come along on a Tuesday afternoon, Email:
or contact the Parish Office.