What sort of church is Holy Trinity?

Our Mission Statement

Faithfully serving God in our Church and community.

Our Vision Statement for 2019/20

  1. To commend to our church family the need constantly to entrust our church and community to God in prayer.
    We will achieve this by a variety of means and initiatives including our church prayer group, prayer diary, prayer card, prayer chain.

  2. To promote and develop our home groups to our congregation and organize a Christian basics course.

  3. To continue to introduce, encourage and nurture vocations to lay and ordained ministries, enabling all people to reach their full potential in Christ.
    We will encourage existing members to share their testimony of how God is calling them and promote diocesan vocations events.

  4. To celebrate, give thanks for and continue to increase our stewardship of all God’s gifts to us, including our money, time and talents.
    We will: 
    – endeavor through personal example and public teaching to be responsible towards the whole of creation;
    – continue to promote the Parish Giving Scheme and explore the possibility of digital giving;
    – use Fairtrade products where possible;
    – keep the fabric of our church in good order.

  5. To work with appropriate partner agencies, including the Christian Education Project (CEP), Street Pastors, Food Bank and Manna House, to enable the work of the church to be extended to the wider community .

  1. To explore the Bishop’s challenge to create a new worshipping community by working with our deanery and MMU colleagues to identify potential possibilities.

  1. To invite the wider community to the Church to demonstrate Christian fellowship particularly through our community open week.