Eco Church

Welcome to Eco Church!

We have a heart for the Environment and all of Creation and see ourselves as part of Christian Climate Action. We plant vegetables and flowers in our churchyard, and we have been awarded the Eco Church Bronze Award. In the past, we have maintained a bee hotel, and we have come together for litter picking.

We have an Eco Church Team. This is what is on our hearts – these are our aspirations:

  • To integrate the environment into our worship and give space to voice Climate Action issues;
  • to maintain a clean churchyard;
  • to maintain flower beds with wide-ranging plants and grow more vegetables;
  • to provide info about animal life in our churchyard;
  • to plant fruit trees and harness rainwater;
  • to get local schools involved in Eco projects;
  • to make our churchyard more accessible & safer.

Currently, we are also looking into installing Solar Panels and finding non-fossil fuel heating for our church.

We want to work with the Council (who maintains our churchyard) and other partners on these aspirations and to create a space where all of God’s creation will thrive.

Any questions? Want to get involved? Please get in touch with our Church Office. We would love to hear from you!

Further Information

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Web-Based Sources of Environmental Information

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Resources from the Diocese of Chelmsford


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