How do I get my baby christened?


Getting your baby Christened or baptised is a great way to give your baby a good start in life. It is a way of asking God’s blessing on your child’s life, making your infant a part of the church, and asking God to treat your little one as his special child. It is a way of saying thank you and celebrating the joy that your little one brings to your life. It is a time for partying and for joy.

It is never too late. So long as you have not been Christened before, you can be baptised whether you are three months, three years, thirteen years, thirty years, or more.

Baptism is a free gift from God. If He does not charge for it, nor will we!

Part of Baptism is becoming a member of God’s family, the Church. So they are part of our 11.15 Family Mass when other members of the church family will be present. The advantage of it being part of the normal service is the congregation who know the hymns and who will sing loudly for you: it makes for a better occasion for all concerned.

Because a Christening is something serious, we ask you to take it seriously. Just as you would prepare for getting married, or prepare for having a baby, we ask you to prepare for being Christened. We ask you to attend church for five weeks beforehand. It is a chance for you to think through what you are doing at the Christening. It is a chance to get used to church so it is not a strange place when the big day comes. It is a chance for you to get to know people, so that when the day arrives, you can feel it is your church and not just a strange building. We will also ask you and the Godparents to come to a short run-through – usually the day before.

As we all know from the examples of Sirius Black in Harry Potter or the Fairy in Cinderella, Godparents are very important in the life of a child. They should be people who will take an active interest in the life of your child. They have a role in looking after your son or daughter’s spiritual welfare – and therefore if you have a friend or relative who is a regular church-goer, it is good if they can be a Godparent. You may of course want to have others as well who are not church goers. Traditionally people often have either four Godparents (two of each sex) or three (two of the same sex as the child and one of the other sex). But you are actually free to have as many as you want.

Our church can seat quite a few and we can always put out extra chairs. So unless you are planning to have more than 200 people, there will be no problem.

If you want to go ahead please contact the Parish Office. 

Rev Andrew Appiah: