Church hall hire


Pictures From Parish Hall

We have two halls currently available for hire:

Parish Hall is spacious and has a stage with lighting appropriate for amateur dramatics. The hall seats 120 and has a fully equipped kitchen.There is ramp access and facilities for the less able.

Minor Hall is a small hall/large meeting room at the rear of Parish Hall with a       capacity of about twenty and access to the same facilities. Available for hire separately or together with Parish Hall.

Trinity Hall is not available at present for hire

To book or for more information Email:
or contact the Parish Office. If the office is closed, please use Email.

Hall hire charges 2019


Weekdays Parish:
Daytime hire                                                                           £27 per hour

Evening hire                                                                           £30 per hour

Friday evening:                                                                    £150 for 4 hrs

Saturday until 6pm: **
For first 3 hours                                                                      £135
Extra hours before 6pm                                                      £35 per hour
after 6pm                                                                                  £45 per hour

Saturday evening after 6pm:  **
4 hour let 7pm to 11pm                                                          £200 per 4 hours
Extra time before 7pm                                                           £45 per hour

Minor Hall at any time                                                          £20 per hour

Other charges

  • Deposits:
    *£150 for all evening lets – refundable if hall left in an acceptable condition & on time
    * £100 deposit for all Saturday afternoon lets
    * £50-£100 for mid-week afternoon lets, e.g. wakes, depending on duration
  • Extras
    * £25 if more tables & chairs are required
    * £10 if stage lighting required – not available at certain times of the year

Please note:

  • Children’s parties up to 11 years old only 3hrs before 6pm
  • Parties for children over 11, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, engagement or wedding reception bookings cannot be accepted or certain other types of event
  • ** Parties which significantly overlap afternoon to evening, are charged at the higher rate, e.g. 2pm to 11pm starts off at £200 for the 7pm to 11pm slot plus 1 hour at £45 and the rest at £35 per hour.**
  • There is no general availability on Sundays