Church hall hire


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We regret that the hall is not yet available for hiring as we await further guidance about the C-19 conditions. 

On reopening, our charges will be:

Weekdays Parish:

Daytime hire                                                                                  £30 per hour

Evening hire                                                                                   £35 per hour

*Please ask us about special rates for regular hirers*

Friday evening:                                                                                 £150 for 4 hrs

Saturday until 6pm: **

For first 3 hours                                                        £150

Extra hours before 6pm                                        £35 per hour

after 6pm                                                                    £45 per hour

Saturday evening after 6pm:  **

4 hour let 7pm to 11pm                                                        £200 per 4 hours

extra time before 7pm                                                         £45 per hour

Minor Hall at any time                                                      £25 per hour

Other charges

  • Deposits: (refundable if hall left in an acceptable condition & on time)                                                * £200 for all evening lets                                                                                                                        * £150 deposit for all Saturday afternoon lets                                                                              * £50-£100 for mid-week afternoon lets, e.g. wakes, depending on duration
  • Extras                                                                                                                                                                                 * £10 if stage lighting required

Please note:

  • Children’s parties: for 3hrs before 6pm up to 11 years old only
  • Parties for children over 11, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, engagement or wedding reception bookings cannot be accepted or certain other types of event
  • There is no general availability on Sundays
  • Events which significantly overlap afternoon to evening, will be charged at the higher rate, eg. 2pm to 11pm starts off at £200 for the 7pm to 11pm slot plus 1 hour at £45 and the rest at £35 per hour.
  • All requests for regular hire will be passed through the Halls Committee